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Darren Hughes

"I’ve been involved in the information publishing industry for over 20 years now and during that time I’ve seen many people try and fail to master direct response copywriting. Very few become what I would call genuine ‘master copywriters’ and even fewer manage to teach the art successfully. Glenn has successfully done both and has helped transform Agora in the UK. His copywriting has generated more than £50 million for Agora and now his own students are following in that success."

Darren Hughes, Agora Financial UK
John Forde

"In 26 years, I've helped hire and train a lot of copywriters. Only a few make the cut. Glenn is one of those few that I've been lucky enough to know along the way. I've watched him go from ambitious newcomer to a leader in the field. When I hold a training session, Glenn is no longer a guy in the audience. He's the guy co-running the event. He's also among the first I would go to for direct-marketing ideas. Glenn is among the best in the UK at this. Maybe anywhere."

John Forde, The Copywriter's Roundtable
Jim Rickards

"It has been my great pleasure to work with Glenn Fisher in connection with various financial publications for the past several years. Glenn is a man of many talents including writing, creative direction, marketing, and business management. Glenn performs all of his tasks with professionalism, high intelligence, dedication to superior results, and above all good humour. I highly recommend Glenn's services to any writer or publisher who may be considering a collaboration, and I look forward to continuing my own collaboration with Glenn for years to come."

Jim Rickards, Best-Selling Author & Former Pentagon Adviser
Thursday 1st February, 2018 - A personal note from Glenn Fisher

Fellow Entrepreneur and Business Owner,

I'll keep things simple...

If you’re looking for someone to help your business make MORE sales...

I can help.


Well, I’m a direct response copywriting expert and know how to persuade people to BUY.

In fact, I’ve spent over a decade working with The Agora, one of the world’s most successful direct response publishers.

Before that I worked as a council auditor, but I quit that job to change my life, returning to college to study professional writing.

The gamble paid off.

I went on to found, a free online resource for direct response copywriters and marketers, and for many years worked with The Agora as associate publisher for the UK office of Agora Financial, a multi-million pound financial publisher.

In 2018, having helped launch and grow Agora Financial in the UK to a £5m business, I left to write copy on a freelance basis, publish a book on direct response copywriting and focus on coaching aspiring copywriters.

Over my long career writing copy, I have written direct response sales letters that have grossed tens of millions of pounds in the financial, business opportunity and sports betting niches.

I have written financial copy for the likes of Jim Rickards, Alex and Nicky Ong, Guy Cohen, Vince Stanzione and John Piper, as well as writing some of the most successful promotions for The Agora's UK lifestyle and gambling titles.

As I continue to write copy for Agora Financial and a number of other high-profile private clients, my time is naturally limited and I can only take on a select number of clients...

But I am always interested in developing new relationships with entrepreneurs and business owners who have good products and a desire to make more sales.

Right now, as you've landed here on this page, there could be an exciting opportunity for us to work together.

Indeed, if you would like to talk about a potential project and how I could help you make more sales for your product or service, you can contact me directly by clicking on the button below:

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Best wishes,

Glenn Fisher




Glenn Fisher
Author, Entrepreneur &
Direct Response Copywriter