The UK Copy Call

Welcome to The UK Copy Call.

The UK Copy Call is a weekly 30 minute call, hosted by founder and Agora Financial UK’s Associate Publisher, Glenn Fisher.

Each episode focuses on one particular copywriter or marketer, a piece of sales writing or a particular sales technique.

It’s aim is to help not just copywriters, but anyone involved in direct response marketing. It will help you understand what makes good copy, how you can learn more about it and how to write it yourself for a variety of platforms.

The call takes place LIVE every Thursday at 2pm UK time. If you would like to listen to the call live, please email here to apply to be added to the list.

Or, if you’re an expert who’d like to appear in a future episode, get in touch here to arrange something.

Otherwise, you can listen to the latest episodes here:

Episode 29:
Glenn Fisher on Writing Copy For Mobile


Episode 28:
Dan Denning on How Editorial Influences Marketing



Episode 27:
Dennis Murphy on Writing Successful Email Copy


Episode 26:
Grant Perry on Copywriting For Facebook

Episode 25:
Special Roundtable Episode with John Forde, James Woodburn & Scott Bardelli

Episode 24:
Glenn Fisher on Why Longer Copy Always Wins

Episode 23:
Nic Laight on The Importance of Good Ideas

Episode 22:
Jennifer Hacker on Writing For AdWords and Facebook

Episode 21:
Michelle Roberts on Becoming A Copywriting

Episode 20:
Darren Hughes on Dealing with Negative Feedback

Episode 19:
James Woodburn on Researching Before You Write

Episode 18:
Glenn Fisher on Writing Around Ideas

Episode 17:
Glenn Fisher on Clickbait, Testimonials and More

Episode 16:
Duncan Moreland on Brexit Severance Cheques

Episode 15:
Dean Murphy on Designing Sales Letters

Episode 14:
Glenn Fisher on How To Improve Headlines In Minutes

Episode 13:
Glenn Fisher on Identifying Good Ideas

Episode 12:
Duncan Moreland on The 24 Hour Profit Challenge

Episode 11:
Mark Ford on Making Ideas Simple

Episode 10:
Jake Hoffberg on Short Form Copy

Episode 9:
Glenn Fisher on The Secret £20 Crypto Blueprint

Episode 8:
Nick O’Connor on Eliminating Bad Ideas

Episode 7:
Darren Hughes on Increasing Conversion With Free Gifts


Episode 6:
Paolo Cabrelli on Giga-Coins

Episode 5:
Glenn Fisher on Amazon for Pennies

Episode 4:
Pete Coyne on The Kissinger Cross

Episode 3:
An interview with John Forde

Episode 2:
Glenn Fisher on Pickpocket Trader

Episode 1:
Ryan McGrath on IMPACT