PLEASE NOTE: Competition entries must be received BEFORE midnight on Friday 16th November.

Pablo is a dog.

When he’s not doing typical dog things, he spends most of his time observing his owner – the author, speaker and copywriter, Glenn Fisher.

He watches him write copy, prepare talks and discuss marketing with various business folks.

In doing so, he’s picked up quite a few insights into the world of advertising and marketing.

He originally wanted to be a stunt dog. But, in many ways, advertising chose him and he’s embraced it ever since.

In fact, he’s taken it upon himself to go through his owner’s book and add some of his own thoughts, elaborating on many of the points his owner makes.

The one and only copy of The Art of the Click annotated by Pablo

Having done so, he’s now offering to share his annotated copy with one lucky reader.

As Pablo is a dog, annotating the book in a legible way has been quite difficult. As too was sticking post-it notes in there. Most frustratingly, the book kept closing on his nose a lot, so it took a while.

For these reasons…

There is only ONE version of this specially annotated copy in the world – and there will only ever be one copy.

It is exceedingly rare.


Today, you could be in with a chance of becoming the owner of this intriguing rarity.


Well, to help his owner – the author, speaker and copywriter, Glenn Fisher – Pablo has requested you to purchase an ordinary copy of the owner’s book, The Art of the Click, on Amazon.

It’s currently available on the UK site for just £10.44.

He would like you to then forward a copy of your order confirmation to [email protected]

On receipt of the proof of purchase, your name will be entered into a hat (specifically a cap, with a teddy on the front).

Pablo will then select a winner from this hat/cap.

The selection process will be filmed live to show it is fair.

Pablo has pointed out that he understands even if you don’t win – his owner’s book will still bring you some value, so he thinks that’s OK. Either way, you end up with a useful book. It’s just one reader will get a special copy.

So, to get involved, you just need to order your copy of The Art of the Click on Amazon.

You can click here to do that.

Then email your order confirmation to [email protected].

Entries of order confirmations must be emailed BEFORE midnight on Friday 16th November.

The live prize draw will be broadcast on Pablo’s owners Instagram account (@glenn.fisher) on Sunday 18th November.

Pablo thanks everyone who buys the book and enters the competition and looks forward to selecting the winner.

Best wishes,

Scruff (the dog)
Pablo’s Press Secretary
All Dog Copy

P.S. If you have already purchased a copy of the book but would still like to enter, Pablo has made it clear that if you were to write a positive review on Amazon and email in proof of that, your name will also be entered into the hat.

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