Why you should treat copy like poetry…

The challenge of finding elephants in the Maldives…

And why you should never say ‘Bird Football’.

These are just three of the topics I discussed with the wonderful Nathalie Gordon in the brand new episode of The All Good Copy Podcast.

For those who aren’t familiar with her work, Nathalie is the Freelance Creative Lead at BBC Creative and is behind some amazing work, including the recent Change the Game campaign for BBC Sport.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat to her about how she got into copywriting, her biggest influences and the one book she recommends all copywriters read.

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Nathalie Gordon is Freelance Creative Lead at BBC Creative. She was the IPA’s Woman of Tomorrow Winner in 2018, once received a letter from Lily Allen and is blocked on Twitter by Calvin Harris. But you can follow her on Twitter here.

Glenn Fisher is an author, speaker and copywriter. His first book, The Art of the Click is an Amazon bestseller and was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2019. It’s published by Harriman House and available now on Amazon here.

Examples of Nathalie Gordon’s work can be found on her website here.

You can find out more about BBC Creative here.

Ways of Seeing by John Berger is available on Amazon here.

The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem is available on Amazon here.

As I say, I thoroughly hope you enjoy the episode and if you get a chance to share it or post some positive words about it – that would be ace.


Glenn Fisher is an author, copywriter, podcaster and speaker. After a number of years working in the local council, he left to become a copywriter and founded AllGoodCopy.com, a free online resource for direct response copywriters and marketers. For over a decade he worked with The Agora, a multi-million pound international financial publisher before leaving in 2018 to write freelance. His first book, The Art of the Click, has quickly become an Amazon bestseller and was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards. He is the host of the popular All Good Copy Podcast and regularly writes and consults for numerous businesses, brands and ad agencies. He lives happily with his partner Ruth and dog Pablo on the east coast of England.

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