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Glenn Fisher, Professional Copywriter

AllGoodCopy.com is a website designed to help copywriters and marketers improve their copywriting skills.

It was put together by me, Glenn Fisher, a professional copywriter. I’ve been pretty successful with copy and have generated millions of pounds in sales. This website gives me a chance to share some of the things I’ve learned.

At the moment my copywriting is exclusively dedicated to The Agora, one of the most successful information publishers around. I’m also the associate publisher for Agora Financial in UK, an independent publisher focused on helping new and experienced investors make better financial decisions.

I have been lucky enough to study copywriting and the art of selling with some serious pros… people like Mark Ford (Michael Masterson), Bill Bonner, John Forde, Dave Fedash and Darren Hughes.

As I say, the plan with AllGoodCopy.com has always been to share my own expertise and the knowledge I’ve been lucky enough to pick up from my own mentors. Whether you’re a new copywriter or an old pro or you’re just looking to learn a bit more about copy, hopefully you’ll find something useful here.

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  1. Enjoying the site, Glenn. Really useful stuff you’re sharing and always looking forward to the next piece. Thanks.

  2. Some good stuff here, Glenn. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! From one copywriter to another.

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