You haven’t bought the book yet, but that’s OK

Hello there!

First off, let me say it’s cool that you haven’t bought the book yet…

You’re the kind of person who thinks long and hard about these things and that’s a damn good quality.

Or hey, maybe you didn’t really know it even existed. No worries.

Either way, you did click on this link, which is interesting. It suggests to me you are at least a little interested in buying the book and think you might find it useful. Maybe.

And look, here’s the thing…

The feedback I’ve had from people has been pretty good so far.

Advertising legend Drayton Bird, who was once David Ogilvy’s go-to man on all things direct-response writes:

“Don’t write another word till you’ve read The Art of the Click”

Experts like Ryan Wallman, Associate Creative Director at Wellmark, says this:

“The Art of the Click is a masterful modern interpretation of the time-honoured techniques of direct-response copywriting. Written in the engaging manner you would expect from a copywriter of Glenn’s calibre, it eschews the fluff of most online marketing advice and shows you how to get results. If you want to sell, buy it.”

The lovely Vikki Ross, who’s written for the likes of The Body Shop and Sky, says this:

“Glenn leaps away from meaningless jargon and does what all great copywriters do – he writers directly to the reader as he or she speaks, so you glide through The Art of the Click easily. And you learn along the way with memorable techniques, fun explanations and entertaining anecdotes in what feels like an effortless but brilliant one-to-one masterclass.”

And best-selling author and copywriter, Andy Maslen, writes this about the book:

“Glenn Fisher knows an incredibly valuable secret. How to write to complete strangers and get them to part with their hard-earned cash. Now he seems to have taken leave of his senses and published his secret in this book. Any copywriter, hell, any marketeer or business owner, who wants to make serious money should buy a copy.”

They’re all really nice reviews. And there are many more just like them.

That makes me think my book might be useful to you. Even if you’ve been writing for years and have had more success than me, I still reckon it’ll be useful. It might just be a little line in one chapter or a comment I make in one of the interviews that gets you thinking and inspires you in your own copy.

Plus, on a purely economic front, the infamously random/intelligent Amazon algorithm has the book available for around a tenner at the moment. That’s pretty good value.

Still, to sweeten the deal even further…

And to maybe give you the push you needed…

I’m going to extend my offer to send you access to my Swipe File Starter Pack. It contains three long copy sales letters I’ve written with my notes on advising which bits you should think about stealing.

All you need to do is order the book on Amazon now and then email me a copy of the order confirmation to

You can click on this link here to order.

I hope whatever’s been stopping you from buying up to now has flown away and you’re going to go for it today…

But if something is still stopping you, email me anyway and let me know what. I’d be interested to know.

Thanks for your time…

And if you do pick up a copy of the book, I hope you love it.

Here’s the link.