You are a lovely person – but there’s something else you could do to really help me out

Thank you.


Before I say anything else, let me say thank you for buying my book.

Ironically, despite me being a supposed writer, it’s impossible for me to truly express in words how grateful I am to you for picking up a copy. So, I won’t try. But take it from me – it’s a big, massive, gorgeous slice of grateful.

Which makes it almost silly for me to ask you for another favour. But as you’re someone who reads my work, knows me a bit and is obviously nice…

I hope you don’t mind me doing so.

And I’m going to offer you some small favour in return at least. Something that might help you out in return for helping me out.

You see, if you haven’t already, I’d love you to write a nice review of the book on Amazon. Reviews help enormously with getting the book out to more people, so it would be ace if you could spare five minutes to post one.

If the book has helped you understand a bit more about direct-response copywriting, or if the book has taught you some new techniques that you didn’t know before – pop it down in the review.

Maybe you found the book easy to read or enjoyed the top tips at the end of each chapter. Or perhaps the book has got you thinking about new ways you could market yourself or your business.

Whatever it is, if you enjoyed the book and  you can spare five minutes to leave a nice review…I would appreciate it so much.

In fact, I mentioned a favour in return…and here it is…

If you post your review and send me a screenshot to, I’m willing to review a piece of your copy at no cost. I’ll read it through, offer my comments and suggest some ways you could improve it.

Pick any piece of copy, long or short. It’s up to you.

As I say, all you need to do is screenshot your review on Amazon and email it. Then we’ll arrange the copy review.

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon.

If you’re able to help out, then thank you. But as I say, a genuine thank you anyway for buying the book. Hopefully one day I’ll buy you a drink in return.