Earlier this week, I jumped on a call with a woman called Vikki Ross.

If you’ve come across Vikki before (most likely on Twitter via @vikkirosswrites), you’ll be eager to hear our conversation…

But if not, let me tell you that Vikki is not only a very successful copywriter – having worked for the likes of The Body Shop, Hotels.com and Sky – she’s also a great champion (when I’m able to say the word, as you’ll hear) of other copywriters.

She founded the hashtag #copywritersunite to help bring copywriters together and even helped the hashtag become a real world event, shepherding reluctant and introverted writers to get together every now and then in various pubs across the country.

But that really is just scratching the surface of everything Vikki is involved in…

We dig into much more of it and talk through her career from Clive Anderson’s receptionist (kind of) to super-busy copywriter connector in the full interview.

And you can listen to the whole thing on the website by clicking on this link here:

Don’t forget too..

If you find our conversation interesting, please do help spread the word by sharing it around. It might be that you help inspire a fellow copywriter to take action – and that’s a pretty cool thing to do.



Glenn Fisher was born in Grimsby in 1981. After a number of years working in the local council, he left to become a copywriter and founded AllGoodCopy.com, a free online resource for direct response copywriters and marketers. For over a decade he worked with The Agora, a multi-million pound international financial publisher and in 2018, having helped launch and grow Agora Financial in the UK, he left to write copy on a freelance basis, focus on coaching aspiring copywriters and publish his first book, The Art of the Click. He now lives happily with his partner Ruth and dog Pablo on the east coast of England.

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