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The secret to creating good content: An interview with Gareth Hancock

David Ogilvy or David Lynch? I ask. “As a copywriter,” Gareth replies, “I’ve got to go with Ogilvy. He’s the main man on Main Street. The don. I did enjoy Twin Peaks as a kid, though.” Charles Bukowski or Charles Saatchi? I continue. “Tough one that. Saatchi has done loads in copywriting and in art, but I’m […]

Fintech, Fruit Tea & Feedback: An Interview with André Spiteri

“Er…it’s actually fruit infusion for me.” What? I’d just asked fellow copywriter, André Spiteri, if he prefers putting the milk in before the tea bag or after the water. I live a pretty controversial life myself by putting the milk in first… And in Earl Grey no less, an already-too-weak-tea in most people’s eyes. But […]

Pre-order The Art of the Click on Amazon now

It’s alive. Well, almost. It’s definitely on Amazon. Look, you can click here and see it. And I’m definitely excited. Look, I’m doing a big thumbs up and everything. Yes. Shout it from the hills. My first proper book on direct-response copywriting is finally available to pre-order and I can begin to tell you all about it. If you’ve […]

Modern advertising must learn from the old masters of direct-response

“A recent study of the advertising now running in our leading magazines shows that less than 20% of the campaigns have a U.S.P.” A U.S.P is a unique selling proposition. It’s something that sets a product or service apart from the competition. But you knew that. And you probably know — deep down — the […]

What’s in a blurb? An Interview with Sarah Topping

It’s one of those copy jobs you can’t imagine anyone actually has. You not only get to read loads of books… But your writing appears on every one you do read. Pretty cool. I’m talking, in case you haven’t guessed, about writing the ‘blurb’ on the back of a book. You know…that 200-or-so-word synopsis designed […]

That time I tried to kill Drayton Bird

“Were you two trying to kill me?” This is what Drayton shouts at me across the room. There I am, loitering at the back of an AWAI copywriting conference in Florida a few years back with my good friend, Mike Ford. We’re chatting waiting for the first speaker of the day to come on. But, […]

She’s innocent, m’lord: An interview with Hayley Redman

If you’ve ever seen a smoothie in a shop wearing a woolly hat… You’ve probably come across the brand Innocent. Renowned for producing said smoothies – as well as veg pots and various juices made up entirely of natural ingredients – Innocent has become widely recognised around the world. Sure, a good product has helped its rise… But […]

An interview with, er… me?

A few weeks ago I sat down to speak with expert copywriter, Vikki Ross (of Sky, The Body Shop and fame). The feedback I received was great and I’m glad so many people found it useful. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve got a lot more interesting interviews planned… In fact, next week, I’ll be […]

An interview with Vikki Ross

Earlier this week, I jumped on a call with a woman called Vikki Ross. If you’ve come across Vikki before (most likely on Twitter via @vikkirosswrites), you’ll be eager to hear our conversation… But if not, let me tell you that Vikki is not only a very successful copywriter – having worked for the likes of The Body […]

Three of the best copywriters in the world share their ideas

I’m just coming to the end of a long week of meetings and presentations here in Baltimore. It’s been great to catch up with so many friends on this side of the pond and meet so many new people. I’ve met marketing experts, copywriting legends and best-selling authors… And, as ever when I make the trip over here, I’ve […]