Hello you.

It’s been a while.

I hope you’re doing good, and things are going well?

I know what you’re thinking…

It’s either:

A) What are you doing contacting me like this? You said we’d meet at the back of the warehouse.

B) Do you remember Harold Bishop from Neighbours?


C) Glenn, where have you been, you crazy, coin-collecting owl?

If it’s the latter—which I think is most likely—well, aside from writing copy for a handful of lovely clients, I’ve been writing a novel.

It’s been an interesting process and has taught me a lot about writing in general, which I’ll be sure to talk about more in the future.

But I also figured out early on in the process that to commit to something like a novel while still writing copy for ‘work’ meant that I just didn’t have the time or headspace to do other creative things properly.

And so, I put a pause on things like the podcast and other copy-related projects.

Until now.

You see, the novel is finished. Or at least, it’s finished enough to start looking for an agent, which I am doing. It’s a slow process. But I think I’ve written something good and from the feedback I’ve had from a handful of early readers, it seems I’m not alone in thinking so.

Fingers crossed I’m able to find an agent who agrees and can help me get the book published.

In the meantime, I’ve started work on the next novel. But, thankfully, at this stage of proceedings, I do have a little more time for other things too.

Indeed, to that extent, I’ve been working on something new and copy-related with a good friend of mine who is another ex-Agora copy chief.

The project is almost ready to go live and when it does, I’d love to invite you to become a part of it.

I’m going to be all ‘secretive copywriter’ about it right now and not reveal too many details. But what I will say is that it’s a project that I think the copywriting world needs right now.

That sounds lofty, I know.

But I’ve noticed in my more reflective approach to ‘the copy scene’ that things seem to have become a little tired recently.

All the advice out there seems to have been boiled down so many times it feels a little limp; the same thing being said over and over with no real thought behind it.

And much of the narrative seems not to be about copy or the craft at all.

I think we need something a little different.

Something a bit more practical.

And that’s why me and ‘this guy’—don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about him another time—are planning to do something a little different.

I’ve got a feeling you’ll like it. And I hope you’ll find it useful and valuable too.

As I say, we’re just finalising things at the moment and getting it all together so it runs smoothly. Hey, we’ve even got another old friend in to deal with the technical aspects. Pro, right?

Until then, I must say it’s nice to be writing to you again.

Please do feel free to hit reply as always and let me know what you’ve been up to. My inbox is a silly, unmanageable place but it’s still always nice to hear from you.

And there’ll be more news coming soon on other things I’m up to, so keep an eye out for my name.

In the meantime, if you don’t already, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram to see what I’m up to—and to see what Pablo is doing too.