An exciting bit of news here.

You see, I can finally invite you to become a part of the secret project I’ve been working on with my good friend and copywriting expert, Nick O’Connor.

Like me, Nick is a former Agora man. He’s written direct response copy that has made millions over the years.

Despite my best-man speech at his wedding, we’re still friends and we’ve been threatening to make this project a reality for years.

Now, we finally have.

It’s called The Fix, and the premise is simple…

Each week we’re going to discuss real actual copy that you send in, give advice as to how to improve it, and offer suggestions for how to write even better copy in the future.

And we’ll do it for free.

You can pop your email in here to make sure you receive each episode:

Of course, because I’m involved, and because Nick is just as strange as me in his own way, it will be an off-kilter experience generally…

But we’re hoping that by actually showing you how to fix real copy, we’ll be able to better share our own insight and knowledge with you.

We’re still figuring out some bits and bobs, but we’ve already received our first pieces of copy from readers and now the show is on the road.

So, all you need to do is sign-up for the free email and you’ll start receiving the weekly(ish) videos we’ll be recording for you.

You can learn a bit more about the project from Nick himself and sign up here:

Join The Fix and get your copy reviewed for free.

As I say, the aim is here is to share our own experience and insight with you in a relaxed and practical way with real copy examples.

I think it will be useful for any copywriter, no matter what level of experience you might have.

And if it’s not useful, it might just be mildly amusing.

To see for yourself, pop your email in here: