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Get your copy reviewed for free

An exciting bit of news here. You see, I can finally invite you to become a part of the secret project I’ve been working on with my good friend and copywriting expert, Nick O’Connor. Like me, Nick is a former Agora man. He’s written direct response copy that has made millions over the years. Despite […]

Better excited than right every time

As a copywriter, you’re not going to be on the money every time. Sometimes you’re going to get it wrong, and your ideas will fall slightly wide of the mark. That’s just the way it is. If you think any copywriter gets it right 100% of the time, you’re mad. And if you think you […]

Why ‘just write’ is dumb advice

There’s a piece of copywriting advice that gets thrown around a lot. I think it’s about as helpful as being represented in court by a hysterical, drunken crab in a case where you’ve been accused of employing crustaceans in inappropriate positions and intoxicating said crustaceans, particularly decapods, against their will. To be clear: it is […]

Rarely slim, always shady

Hello you. It’s been a while. I hope you’re doing good, and things are going well? I know what you’re thinking… It’s either: A) What are you doing contacting me like this? You said we’d meet at the back of the warehouse. B) Do you remember Harold Bishop from Neighbours? Or… C) Glenn, where have you been, you crazy, […]

Repetition, repetition, repetition: A good idea is worth repeating

It’s an objection often raised, especially when it comes to longer pieces of copy. If handled badly, it can ruin your work. But get it right and it could be one of the most important tools you employ. I’m talking about repetition. A reader asks an interesting question on this very subject: “Is there a good […]

The myth that no one reads long copy – part two

“All my experience says that for a great many products, long copy sells more than short…” Those are the words of David Ogilvy, in Ogilvy on Advertising. He was a pretty experienced guy when it came to copywriting… Did a few good things, apparently. Interestingly, Ogilvy went on to suggest one of the reasons behind this idea […]

Picasso vs Matisse: Why you should embrace your competition

It’s the early 1900s. You’re in Paris. Specifically, you’re in Gertrude Stein’s home at 27 Rue de Fleurus. On the walls surrounding you are hung what will become some of the most important works of art ever to have existed. But that’s all to come. Right now, the talk around you concerns two specific artists. Both […]

Short answers to big questions: Glenn Fisher interviewed by ProCopywriters

I was recently in the hot seat for a monthly live Twitter event organised by ProCopywriters called #ProCopyChat. It’s basically an hour where the guest fields questions about copy. It was pretty intense with chatter flying all over the shop, but it was also a lot of fun. In case you didn’t get to catch the event live, […]

A sneak peek inside The Art of the Click by Glenn Fisher

Something a little different this week… Rather than sharing some insight with you here in this article, we’re going to delve inside my brand new book – The Art of the Click – and quarry some insight from there. You see, my publisher has set up a cool little thing were you can access and read a […]

Pre-order The Art of the Click on Amazon now

It’s alive. Well, almost. It’s definitely on Amazon. Look, you can click here and see it. And I’m definitely excited. Look, I’m doing a big thumbs up and everything. Yes. Shout it from the hills. My first proper book on direct-response copywriting is finally available to pre-order and I can begin to tell you all about it. If you’ve […]