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Could this be the laziest buzzword in copywriting?

There’s a small, six-letter word used far too much in copywriting. I don’t like it. Do I hate it? Possibly. To me, it’s a sign you’re being lazy, you’ve run out of steam and you can’t be bothered to think properly about what you’re writing. What’s the word? UNIQUE. Wait… Hold on one minute, Glenn. Unique […]

The myth that no one reads long copy – part two

“All my experience says that for a great many products, long copy sells more than short…” Those are the words of David Ogilvy, in Ogilvy on Advertising. He was a pretty experienced guy when it came to copywriting… Did a few good things, apparently. Interestingly, Ogilvy went on to suggest one of the reasons behind this idea […]

Why you should spend more time in bed with your reader

Writing copy to grab your reader’s attention is hard. You might spend weeks testing different ideas for nothing. Even if the product or service you’re selling is great, it doesn’t necessarily make writing captivating copy any easier. But there is an exercise you can do to write copy with a much greater chance of success. […]

How you start: An interview on how I got into copywriting

Sad news today that the great American novelist, Philip Roth, passed away. I’m a big fan of his work. He’s one of the writers who inspired me to write in the first place. At school, in English literature, I was mostly force-fed old Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy period-waffle that I just couldn’t connect with. It put […]

What’s in a blurb? An Interview with Sarah Topping

It’s one of those copy jobs you can’t imagine anyone actually has. You not only get to read loads of books… But your writing appears on every one you do read. Pretty cool. I’m talking, in case you haven’t guessed, about writing the ‘blurb’ on the back of a book. You know…that 200-or-so-word synopsis designed […]

A little gift, and a little favour

A small gift for you this week… You see, I’ve been doing a little ‘work’ on the website recently in an attempt to attract some new writers to AllGoodCopy.com. But don’t worry: you’ll be seeing the benefits soon. Indeed, though it’s not officially launched yet, there’s some much cleaner and better organised design coming your way […]

Helpful advice for copywriters: an interview with Glenn Fisher

I was recently asked to do an interview by a young guy in Germany who’s looking to start his own online Internet marketing business. Me: Catching some sun on the Seine in Paris. As I’m grateful to the many people who accept my own interview requests, I happily agreed to spare an hour to take […]

The first thing you must do to write successful sales letters

To write truly successful sales letters, you need to understand inherently what makes people buy things. It’s not easy. It takes time. You need to watch people. You need to listen to people. You need to interact with people. Put the time in and eventually you’ll start to think differently. You’ll be able to look […]

The six-letter word that lazy copywriters rely on

There’s a small, six-letter word that’s used far too much in copywriting… And I don’t like it. Do I hate it? Possibly. To me, it’s a sign that – as a copywriter – you’re being lazy, that you’ve run out of steam and can’t be bothered to think properly about what you’re writing. Actually, to […]

James Altucher on Choose Yourself, copywriting and living with puppets

James Altucher and Glenn Fisher. (Original design by @rhinett) I read a book called Choose Yourself. It made me think, which I guess is the best thing a book can do. The author is a chap called James Altucher. As well as being a successful author, he’s also a well-known blogger, a super-intelligent entrepreneur and a well-respected investor […]