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Walking Pablo: An update on my exclusive All Good Copy reader offer

Hello! I recorded a quick video message while I took Pablo for his morning walk. You can watch the video here: Meanwhile, I also wanted to share a link to a piece I wrote about creative anxiety that has resonated with a lot of people. You can read it here: Don’t let anxiety get in […]

How you start: An interview on how I got into copywriting

Sad news today that the great American novelist, Philip Roth, passed away. I’m a big fan of his work. He’s one of the writers who inspired me to write in the first place. At school, in English literature, I was mostly force-fed old Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy period-waffle that I just couldn’t connect with. It put […]

How to manage all the different ideas in your head

Do you ever think you might be going mad? Maybe it’s just me. My fiancée would certainly attest to that. It’s usually a relief for her to leave the house in the morning after suffering a breakfast spent listening to my rambling nonsense. But I don’t think I’m the only one, right? We copywriters are all a […]

A typical morning in the life of a copywriter

6.30am – Wake up in hotel in Walthamstow, briefly wonder where I am. Remember I’m in London for meetings. Driving home later today. Realise how much I have to do today. Worry I’m not going to get chance to write an All Good Copy email. Wonder if I could record my day and whether that would be interesting […]

Time management tips for direct response copywriters

Copywriting should be fun. It should be challenging too. But if you’re finding it too challenging, it’s wearing you down or it’s taking up too much of your time… You’re probably doing something wrong. So here I want to give you some tips on how to better manage your time as a copywriter. Most of […]

An Open Invitation to all UK Copywriters

It’s been a while… But I’m glad to be back in touch today with a very exciting opportunity for you. As you may know, for many years now I’ve worked with a company called Agora. For those who don’t know about Agora – it’s an international publishing business that was built out of the direct mail days of old by […]

A postcard from Delray Beach

Catching up with Drayton Bird at the AWAI copywriting conference in Florida. Hello! Just wanted to post a quick note from my travels, which I’ll hopefully follow with some extended thoughts soon. Indeed, I’m working on a new piece at the moment all about understanding the importance of emotions in copy. Ironically, this seems to […]

A personal postcard from your editor in Montmartre!

I thought I’d post a quick snap of your editor on holiday in Montmartre… And I’ll actually start posting a few more ‘little windows’ into my life as writer as I hope it will remind you to remember why you write copy in the first place. You see, we stayed in a hotel next to […]