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Even Superman gets anxious

So, it turns out this Superman bloke is a pretty tough guy. He can bend steel with his bare hands. He can fly around the earth to reverse time. He can even make the milk in your latté extra hot just by looking at it. But, sometimes, it all gets a bit much, even for […]

Creative paralysis: Don’t let other people’s work stop you creating your own

I get so worried by what other people are doing. It’s the worst kind of anxiety. Right now, I’m reading The War at the End of the World by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa. It’s great. It’s also massive. 750 pages. And no pictures. I’m halfway through and can’t believe how dense the damn thing is. The […]

Walking Pablo: An update on my exclusive All Good Copy reader offer

Hello! I recorded a quick video message while I took Pablo for his morning walk. You can watch the video here: Meanwhile, I also wanted to share a link to a piece I wrote about creative anxiety that has resonated with a lot of people. You can read it here: Don’t let anxiety get in […]