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An open letter to myself

As a copywriter, your job is to communicate ideas. It’s something I do almost every day, for companies of all shapes and sizes, all around the world. Trouble is, in writing for those folks, I don’t often take the time to communicate with myself. Maybe you’re the same. Maybe you think so much about how […]

Creative paralysis: Don’t let other people’s work stop you creating your own

I get so worried by what other people are doing. It’s the worst kind of anxiety. Right now, I’m reading The War at the End of the World by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa. It’s great. It’s also massive. 750 pages. And no pictures. I’m halfway through and can’t believe how dense the damn thing is. The […]

This will upset some copywriters

This will upset some copywriters. But it will cause other copywriters joy. You see this is a piece about how to write more engagingly. But it’s not entitled 15 Tips For Writing More Engagingly. I dislike those pieces. I dislike them immensely. I see them all over the Internet. On Twitter, on LinkedIn, littering my inbox. 10 Rules […]

In defence of Love Island: Why copywriters should embrace the tanned twenty-somethings

I have a confession. Each night, around nine o’clock, my fiancée and I sit down and turn on the television. What we watch might shock you. You see, typically, we don’t watch a lot of television. I’m usually reading. At the moment I’m being very cultured reading Walter Isaacson’s obscenely heavy biography of Leonardo Da […]

Why less is more when it comes to headline copy

If one helping of me a week isn’t enough…good news. I launched a new website last week where you can hear more of my thoughts on things that aren’t so sharply focused on direct response copy. – as you can tell from the title – is more a resource to find out what I’m personally up to. […]

Why it’s important to cultivate your own copy peers

Do you have a couple of copywriting friends in your contacts you can ask to review your writing? In fact, they don’t even have to by copywriters… Your partner…your friend from school…your Dad or Grandma? The key is you have a couple of people who you trust to be open with criticism and won’t be […]

Why I’m not an athlete and an update on my copywriting book

I am not an athlete. I can barely run. About two years ago, I managed to train enough to run a 10k around Richmond Park in London. It was tough. Since then, I haven’t run again. I wish I were fitter. My partner says she doesn’t mind. But still, I wish I were fitter. Everyone […]

A little gift, and a little favour

A small gift for you this week… You see, I’ve been doing a little ‘work’ on the website recently in an attempt to attract some new writers to But don’t worry: you’ll be seeing the benefits soon. Indeed, though it’s not officially launched yet, there’s some much cleaner and better organised design coming your way […]

Why every copywriter should ‘go old school’

One thing that struck me recently is how confused some people are about the kind of copywriting I do. You see I recently sponsored the ProCopywriters Conference in London (#CopyCon17). It was an interesting day, happily spent in the company of 200 or so professional copywriters. You may well have been one of them. If so, you may […]

Why you should sit on your arse and read more

Hurrah! I’ve finally got a chance to relax and take the time to say hello. More than that, I want to share some thoughts that I’ve been having since I attended a writing retreat in France last month. But before I do anything… I should apologise: I’ve been out of action for a little while. […]