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Modern advertising must learn from the old masters of direct-response

“A recent study of the advertising now running in our leading magazines shows that less than 20% of the campaigns have a U.S.P.” A U.S.P is a unique selling proposition. It’s something that sets a product or service apart from the competition. But you knew that. And you probably know — deep down — the […]

Five anti-predictions for 2018

At this time of year, you tend to see every man and his dog laying down their predictions for the year… I find the exercise a bit ‘meh’, to be honest. Predicting how the world will change is a real fool’s errand. Don’t get me wrong… Keeping an eye on how general trends are shifting is worth […]

Why every copywriter should ‘go old school’

One thing that struck me recently is how confused some people are about the kind of copywriting I do. You see I recently sponsored the ProCopywriters Conference in London (#CopyCon17). It was an interesting day, happily spent in the company of 200 or so professional copywriters. You may well have been one of them. If so, you may […]