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Why every copywriter should ‘go old school’

One thing that struck me recently is how confused some people are about the kind of copywriting I do. You see I recently sponsored the ProCopywriters Conference in London (#CopyCon17). It was an interesting day, happily spent in the company of 200 or so professional copywriters. You may well have been one of them. If so, you may […]

You can’t sell with logic

I was really impressed with a chap I’ve been working with this week. We’ve been trying to figure out a way to sell his product and have tried numerous angles that just don’t seem to work. So, we jumped on the phone and talked it out. There were a lot of dead ends, unfinished thoughts […]

Forget your fancy ideas, they’re nothing without value

The local shop in my village has finally figured out the perfect marriage of impulse purchase and value. There I am… Waiting for the assistant to pack my stuff and ring it through the register… And I notice them… Four Kit Kats for £1. I know I shouldn’t. But four… FOUR… for just £1. That’s […]

An interview with bestselling author and copywriter, Bob Bly

If you work in copywriting, there’s probably a copy of The Copywriter’s Handbook somewhere near you… Maybe it’s in that drawer you’ve not checked for a while… or hidden on the shelf between the Ogilvy, Hopkins and Schwartz… heck, it might be right next to you, acting as a coaster. Point is: this book is everywhere. And so it should be. You see, its author […]

Two clever puppets explain why ‘clickbaiting’ is bad

I’m a huge fan of the Glove and Boots blog. “Mario and Fafa: unlikely internet marketing experts.” There are very few sites on the web that I actively visit to check for updates, but Glove and Boots is one of them. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll remember I first featured them in my 15 other things to […]

Free Copywriting eBook: Five Easy Ways to Write Better Copy

I recently put together a free copywriting ebook that reveals five easy ways to write better copy. I think it’s a cracking little download and it’s all been very nicely laid out by my @rhinett. But best of all, it is completely and utterly free. HOORAH! It’s aptly titled Five Easy Ways to Write Better Copy, which […]

Let me tell you a story: the importance of narrative in copywriting

For some strange reason, a lot of people seem to think the business world should be a grey, lifeless place that exists between 8.30am and 5pm (if you’re lucky). People assume that you’re not allowed to be interesting, that you have to talk in facts, figures and graphs; the boring stuff, basically. You only need to scroll […]