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If Ogilvy had been a skateboarder, he’d have written ads like these

At the end of the 80s there was really only one widely recognised skateboarding company: Powell Peralta. Started by two of the biggest names in skateboarding – particularly Stacey Peralta – the company was very successful. Indeed, it was pretty much the team to ride for. Its elite skating team – the Bones Brigade – included a young Tony […]

A sneak peek inside The Art of the Click by Glenn Fisher

Something a little different this week… Rather than sharing some insight with you here in this article, we’re going to delve inside my brand new book – The Art of the Click – and quarry some insight from there. You see, my publisher has set up a cool little thing were you can access and read a […]

Right place, right time: Tailoring your copy for the situation

There’s a lot to be said for copy that’s in the right place at the right time. I was reminded of this recently when out on the field behind our house walking Pablo. Having done his business in the usual spot, I headed over to the dog waste bin to deposit it. On the side […]

A typical morning in the life of a copywriter

6.30am – Wake up in hotel in Walthamstow, briefly wonder where I am. Remember I’m in London for meetings. Driving home later today. Realise how much I have to do today. Worry I’m not going to get chance to write an All Good Copy email. Wonder if I could record my day and whether that would be interesting […]

You and I: The importance of putting your reader first

What’s the most important word in copywriting? Most people would say ‘you’. When I first started out in the industry, I remember one of the first direct response sales letters I wrote was for a personal finance newsletter. The idea was based around an article about the best ways to ask for a pay-rise. A quick […]

Why top copywriters add another string to their bow

The North of England is a wonderful place… I write to you today from a pleasant pub on the Heaton Moor Road just outside of Manchester. The taxi from the station cost less than the minimum fare in a London cab… The beer is brought to my table with plenty of change from a fiver… And people […]

An offer you CAN refuse – a better way to deal with trial periods

Where did the 30-day trial period come from? Seriously – if you know, please comment below and tell me. If you’ve written copy for online products or services, no doubt you know the 30-day trial well. Or maybe, if you’ve written for a product or service that’s being sold on Clickbank or some other joint venture website, […]

Free Copywriting eBook: Five Easy Ways to Write Better Copy

I recently put together a free copywriting ebook that reveals five easy ways to write better copy. I think it’s a cracking little download and it’s all been very nicely laid out by my @rhinett. But best of all, it is completely and utterly free. HOORAH! It’s aptly titled Five Easy Ways to Write Better Copy, which […]

The overlooked art of reassurance in copywriting

Reassurance isn’t a term that’s widely used in copywriting. Have a quick scan through the index pages of Cialdini’s Influence, Daniel H. Pink’s To Sell is Human or even Ogilvy’s On Advertising and you won’t find any special preference given to the word. Even a stop sign needs a little reassurance sometimes. Does that make it redundant? Does the fact […]

You can now find All Good Copy on Facebook – come say hello

A lot of people have been in touch to ask if they could find All Good Copy on Facebook. You can now. I’ve set up a page dedicated to All Good Copy and will be posting stuff on there regularly. It won’t just be articles from the site, either. As with my Twitter feed, you’ll find comments and insight […]