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Take it from the top

Like most geeky kids growing up, I played in a lot of punk bands. Plucking away at my bass guitar with good friends and blasting out an almighty racket was a great way to express my creativity. As we got a bit older and discovered jazz and more complicated composition than the three-chord punk of […]

Take a run-up and inject your copy with energy

You’ve got your idea… You’ve been floating it around your head to make sure it plays… And you’ve been figuring out how you’re going to express it in your copy. Now you need to sit down and start writing. Before you do… Here’s my advice: Take a run-up. Huh? I mean, literally. Open the word document, […]

Two-tier research: Write for your reader, not for yourself

Before I was born, I didn’t exist, which made it a lot harder to walk the dog. Sorry. A terrible attempt at a Groucho Marx-inspired joke that has nothing to do with what I want to write about today. Or does it? Stand back… Tenuous link approaching… You see, opening with my crap joke there […]

You and I: The importance of putting your reader first

What’s the most important word in copywriting? Most people would say ‘you’. When I first started out in the industry, I remember one of the first direct response sales letters I wrote was for a personal finance newsletter. The idea was based around an article about the best ways to ask for a pay-rise. A quick […]

Get this wrong and your whole sales letter is ruined

You could have the best sales promotion in the world… But if the copy you’re using to direct readers to that promotion is rubbish… Then your promotion is ultimately pointless – regardless of how good it is. Some people call if ‘lift’ copy… Some call it ‘endorsement’ copy… Some call it ‘ad’ copy… And I’m […]