Always improving

I must be stupid. I know, I know. You were thinking that anyway. But I reckon we can confirm it now. Having always been a pretty sensitive guy who doesn’t like criticism, you’ve got to wonder why I’ve spent the last twenty years doing something where I receive criticism every day. Sure, sometimes the criticism […]

Get your copy reviewed for free

An exciting bit of news here. You see, I can finally invite you to become a part of the secret project I’ve been working on with my good friend and copywriting expert, Nick O’Connor. Like me, Nick is a former Agora man. He’s written direct response copy that has made millions over the years. Despite […]

Rarely slim, always shady

Hello you. It’s been a while. I hope you’re doing good, and things are going well? I know what you’re thinking… It’s either: A) What are you doing contacting me like this? You said we’d meet at the back of the warehouse. B) Do you remember Harold Bishop from Neighbours? Or… C) Glenn, where have you been, you crazy, […]

Don’t be afraid to make your copy magical

There you are in the grandly decorated lounge of Agora owner Bill Bonner’s 18-century chateau… Gathered with you are what you’ve been told are some of the best copywriters in the world… You’re excited. In fact, you’re only just starting to figure out what this copywriting lark is all about, so to spend time with real experts […]

A critical copywriting tool: the swipe file and how to build one

Do you have a swipe file? You hopefully do. And if that is the case, rather than read this email, go read this interesting interview with post-punk legend Ian MacKaye instead. But if you don’t already have a swipe file, or you do have one and you’d like to discover some of my own swipe file secrets… Well, I guess you should keep […]

Show your copy to people who don’t write copy

Copywriters can be precious people… I should know. I am one. And sure, tell me my copy doesn’t work or that I could do something better and once upon a time I would have sulked for a week. Yup, I used to be like that. But these days, I’ve calmed down. I’d like to think […]

Delayed objections and when to overcome them

I’m on the bus back to my London flat in Dalston reading the first draft of a new sales letter a copywriter has just sent me to review. In the time it takes me to get from Leicester Square to the Balls Pond Road, I’ve read it. It flows well, really well. I’m excited to see how […]

A Christmas Gift: Copy Formula Secrets

Merry Christmas, my fellow copy enthusiast! We’re pretty much ready for the big day here at the Fisher household… Presents are under the tree… holiday odd jobs have begun in earnest (such as re-grouting the kitchen)… and the dog has his embarrassing Christmas jumper on (that’s him on the right there). I’m excited. Far from being a […]

See ‘the Four Us’ put into practice LIVE (well, almost live)

One of my mentors, the American entrepreneur and writer Mark Ford, once taught me a simple way to improve problematic headlines using ‘the Four Us’. I’ve written about the idea many times before, but today I thought I’d put it to the test LIVE. Or rather, as I write this article. Why not, eh? Indeed, I’m […]

The Seven Stages of a Desperate Copywriter – Guest Post

‘When we tell stories about creativity…we neglect to mention those days when we wanted to quit, when we believed that our problem was impossible. Instead, we skip straight to the breakthrough. We tell the happy ending first. ‘The danger of this scenario is that the act of feeling frustrated is an essential part of the […]