The right way to use an author image in a sales promotion

A sales promotion landed on my desk recently… Nothing new there; being a professional copywriter, hundreds land on my desk every week. But this one caught my eye. Unfortunately, it was for the wrong reason. You see, it wasn’t the headline that caught my attention. In fact, when I got round to reading it, I […]

Sometimes it’s the simple things that work best

I took this snap on a weekend away in Minehead; a seaside town in the south-west of England. We were walking along the promenade when I spotted this sign planted above a ramshackle bookcase propped up against someone’s front wall. And just look at it… A nice big, bold headline that has an implicit benefit […]

The key to understanding your reader’s most immediate objection

Whatever your promotion is selling – regardless of which niche you might be working in – the most immediate objection that readers of ANY long copy promtion will raise is exactly the same… “Why the hell should I give you my money?” That’s it. Really. That is it. More advanced copy theory will tell you to think up all […]