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Delayed objections and when to overcome them

I’m on the bus back to my London flat in Dalston reading the first draft of a new sales letter a copywriter has just sent me to review. In the time it takes me to get from Leicester Square to the Balls Pond Road, I’ve read it. It flows well, really well. I’m excited to see how […]

If it’s boring: it’s boring. Don’t pretend otherwise!

Copywriters can be precious people… I should know… I am one. And sure, tell me my copy doesn’t work or that I could do something better and once upon a time I would have sulked for a week. Yup, I used to be like that. But these days, I’ve calmed down. I’m wiser. You see, […]

The right way to use an author image in a sales promotion

A sales promotion landed on my desk recently… Nothing new there; being a professional copywriter, hundreds land on my desk every week. But this one caught my eye. Unfortunately, it was for the wrong reason. You see, it wasn’t the headline that caught my attention. In fact, when I got round to reading it, I […]

The key to understanding your reader’s most immediate objection

Whatever your promotion is selling – regardless of which niche you might be working in – the most immediate objection that readers of ANY long copy promtion will raise is exactly the same… “Why the hell should I give you my money?” That’s it. Really. That is it. More advanced copy theory will tell you to think up all […]