Merry Christmas, my fellow copy enthusiast!

We’re pretty much ready for the big day here at the Fisher household…

Presents are under the tree… holiday odd jobs have begun in earnest (such as re-grouting the kitchen)… and the dog has his embarrassing Christmas jumper on (that’s him on the right there).

I’m excited.

Far from being a Grinch, I love this time of year and it’s always good to spend more time with family and friends.

Oh, and the presents, of course.

Indeed, to that extent, as it is Christmas, this week I decided to create a present for you…

It’s a new 23-page guide I’ve put together called:

Copy Formula Secrets: Three Proven Formulas For Writing More Effective Direct Response Copy Faster.

You can download it for free today.


Inside you’ll discover:

– COPY FORMULA #1: The C.I.A. secret for identifying good ideas – Don’t write a single piece of copy until you’ve read about this and started applying it to your writing process. This will make sure you significantly improve your strike rate and shave days off actually writing.

– COPY FORMULA #2: The D.I.E approach to writing email adverts – This easy to follow method of creating ad copy will not only help you speed up the process of writing, it will help you make sure you’re targeting the right people with the right message.

– COPY FORMULA #3: The ‘Rainbow Thread’ Formula – One of the hardest things about writing long copy is being able to stick to one idea, whilst at the same time making sure all the different elements of your offer are present throughout – this helps you overcome that challenge.

All you need to do to get hold of the guide is click on the link here and pop down your name and email:

DOWNLOAD: Copy Formula Secrets
(If you’re already subscribed to, you should have received my email with a download for the guide.)

If you do find this useful, please do drop me an email with a testimonial that I can use to encourage others to download it…

As I mention at the end of the guide, the more people I can share this with, the more stuff like this I can create for you.

(Oh, and thank you for all the excellent feedback I received about the last issue on writing copy for mobile – I’ll eventually get round to replying individually to everyone.)

Otherwise, I hope you have a very merry Christmas, get plenty of rest and have a great time whatever your plans.

I’ll be in touch again before New Year, so I’ll save the boozey New Year wishes for then.


P.S. In case you haven’t see before, as I say, I’ve also put together another simple guide that outlines my own training methods as well as detailing more than twenty ways to boost the conversion of your current copy.

Filled with specific writing tasks I’ve used to train successful copywriters, I guarantee this will help improve your copywriting – or your money back.

You can get hold of a copy here.

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