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The art of self-doubt

That old Greek thinking guy, Socrates Johnson, is reported to have said something like: If I know anything, it’s that I know nothing. No one quite knows exactly what he said as it was all jotted down by that Phil Plato guy. He could have been making it up himself. No one knows. And that’s […]

Why it’s dangerous to ask questions in copy

Questions in copy can be dangerous… Do you agree? No. And there you go: my question is answered. Just like that, it’s all over. Sorry to waste your time. I’ll speak to you another day. … … … Wait. What happened there? Well, I asked a question. You had an answer. The transaction ended. Hell, […]

Get together with some copywriting bigwigs at Copy Capital

We drop straight in this week to a brief chat I had over the bank holiday weekend with copywriter, networker-extraordinaire and all round nice person, Vikki Ross… GLENN (GF): OK, let’s forget all this copywriting event stuff for a moment and let me ask you a very important question: what’s your favourite capital letter? VIKKI (VR): That’s an […]

An interview with, er… me?

A few weeks ago I sat down to speak with expert copywriter, Vikki Ross (of Sky, The Body Shop and Hotels.com fame). The feedback I received was great and I’m glad so many people found it useful. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve got a lot more interesting interviews planned… In fact, next week, I’ll be […]

An interview with Vikki Ross

Earlier this week, I jumped on a call with a woman called Vikki Ross. If you’ve come across Vikki before (most likely on Twitter via @vikkirosswrites), you’ll be eager to hear our conversation… But if not, let me tell you that Vikki is not only a very successful copywriter – having worked for the likes of The Body […]