A simple trick to help you write clear and concise copy

So this is a trick I teach any copywriter or editor I work with… It isn’t difficult. It isn’t time consuming. And it certainly isn’t fancy. In fact, it’s a very simple and purely technical change you make to your word processor each time you’re writing copy that will be read via email. It’s particularly […]

Does brainstorming help you write better headlines?

Brainstorming is a bit crap. Or is it? It’s a difficult one. I say this: You should never disregard brainstorming as a tool for generating ideas. As a copywriter, when it comes to generating original and engaging headlines for a promotion, you’ve got to develop your own style. Me; I tend to pace up and […]

Don’t try to write a single piece of copy before you do this

You open your Word document… You stretch out your hands and click your knuckles… You place your palms down on the keyboard and… Nothing. Starting a new promotion isn’t easy at the best if times. But it’s even harder if you haven’t got a strong idea to run with. Yet a lot of copywriters make things so […]