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A tiny tweak to your email copy could be hugely profitable

At last count, it was estimated around 300 billion emails are sent on a daily basis. “Sometimes we have to spend a little time with the numbers.” 300. Billion. A day. That’s a damn lot of emails. So, with so much other email copy competing with yours, it hardly seems worth spending much time on it, right? […]

Why you should hijack boring, administrative subject lines

As a copywriter, you likely spend a ton of your time trying to come up with new and original subject lines to grab attention. It’s hard work, right? So let me ask you… Should you even bother? Especially when there’s a way you can hijack existing subject lines – that are otherwise considered boring – and use […]

Set the mood: don’t let bad email copy ruin your sales letter

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks ‘hey, I need a financial newsletter’… So suggested Agora founder, financial newsletter publisher and legendary copywriter in his own right, Bill Bonner. We can go one further: no one wakes up in the morning and thinks ‘hey, I need to read a direct response sales letter’. Not even copywriters. (Hey, […]