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More insight than you can shake a stick at

I received a nice message from copywriter Stephen Marsh this week, which sums up exactly what the aim of The UK Copy Call is. He wrote: “Just a quick note to say: I don’t usually go in for most of the ‘people talking about being copywriters’ stuff that seems to be out there right now, but UK […]

An interview with top American copywriter Brian McLeod

It takes a pretty clued-up guy to help turn a tiny spare bedroom start-up into a hugely successful, nine-figure business that employed over 200 people… That said – you and I both know copywriters are pretty clued-up folks, right? US copywriter Brian McLeod certainly proves that. After co-founding one of the most successful product development […]

Girls just want to have fun; Copywriters just want to write

Like any good copywriter, I don’t just write copy… In fact, in my experience I’ve found that all the most successful copywriters and ad men I’ve met and trained also write some form of ‘non-copy’ too. Mark Ford (Michael Masterson) and Nick Laight are poets, for example… Dave Fedash writes film scripts… Bill Bonner has published […]