How small mistakes can improve your copywriting

I make mistakes in my writing. Everybody does. Thing is, some of my mistakes, I don’t mind. In fact, I sometimes make them on purpose. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I let some of my mistakes remain. I’m not talking about misspelling their as there, or your as you’re – they’re unfortunate […]

Discover how ‘found copy’ can help engage your reader

As with most things in modern art, the first time it happened, it was down to Picasso… He painted a picture of a chair, but not satisfied with paint alone, he stuck an actual chair on the canvas. Surrealist Marcel Duchamp, took it a step further, and in 1917, he just signed a toilet, turned […]

Boris Johnson turns copywriter but screws up a nice idea

Poor old Boris… Who writes his copy? Because they need their wrist slapping! Seriously, when it comes to communicating with your customers (or rather in this case, constituents) you’ve got to make sure you avoid one thing above all else… You should NEVER patronise them. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Boris’ recent letter to Londoners does… […]

Why you should never underestimate the subtly of a sentence

Who in their right mind thinks about sentence structure whilst they’re having their sausage sandwich in the morning? Well, me. And here’s something for you to think about… For a few moments after reading it, a reader remembers the end of a sentence. Just there you remembered ‘end of a sentence’, right? And having now […]